Music with friends

Playing with other musicians is a special thing. Especially when it all comes together so nicely.

Solo can be a bit limiting if it is all you do. And although I can put together extra instruments and harmonies with my own tracks in Garageband, there is something special when fellow musicians get together.

And when that meeting of musical minds hits the spot, something magical happens. At least, I feel it does.

Whether it is in the home, jamming at festivals, on stage or in the studio, there are moments that can bring a big smile inside and out.

I used to perform in bands, so I know that feeling. And it has been happening again. I suppose it kicked off again with regular singarounds in the Welsh Bar, organised by the knowledgable and friendly Dave Barnes. When the voices hit the harmonies it can be a big tingle factor like nothing else. Then I found myself in a blind date concert with great singer Carol Shortis; that worked to well we now perform trad a capella as Nipperkin Pipperkin.

Playing at the Southern CrossMore recently, it has been wonderful performing with hurdy gurdy and ocarina. And just practising and experimenting.

Then, out of the blue, a chance get together at a music weekend a few months ago. Two of us were singing and playing. A couple of friends joined in. The four part harmonies were almost instant and just as captivating.

Fast forward three months and all four of us are on the stage at Meow in the showcase concert for Acoustic Routes. Fully rehearsed (in my view a bit of improv is great, but you shouldn’t short change the audience by jamming your way through a concert) and confident. Add in the wonderful guitar playing of Julian Ward on a new song and things get special.

And then we so nearly won the Wellyfest contest after entering a week late, with this video. A lot of people seemed to Like it.

In the studio with Niels, Philippa and SueA few weeks later we are in front of mics together in the recording studio. Creating music, making magic and having fun. I’m not sure the CD, Row Out  to your ship of dreams, would have happened at all without them.

So, heartfelt thanks to Philippa, Susan, Niels and Julian (and Dave and Carol and others). Philippa has made the most difference to my life but you have all made my musical world so much the betterer.

About Nigel Parry Music

Described by a radio presenter as; 'one of the finest traditional folk artists in NZ', Nigel Parry's unique mix of singer / songwriter, traditional and early folk music relies heavily on his vocal arrangements. Hailing from the UK, he was originally a rock singer and turned to folk music through friends, historical events and real ale. Nigel now lives near Wellington and in the last 4 years has performed at folk events and music venues around New Zealand, festivals and live on radio and in the UK, France and Canada.
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5 Responses to Music with friends

  1. Nice one Nigel. Thoughtful, heartfelt and inspiring!


  2. Nipperkin Pipperkin – there’s a blast from the past old chap. In many ways we miss Foxes’ beardy number two!


    • Thanks Richard. It took a whole hour long train journey to agree on the name. And yes, we have performed ‘The Barley Mow’ on occasions. We’re not saying which is Nipperkin and Pipperkin either (we don’t actually know).


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