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Original Song Award Winner – Ship of Dreams

It’s an odd feeling. I wasn’t going to enter, then I was persuaded. I never expected to win. That evening, hosted in a big RSA, there was a long list of entrants, a panel of judges and an eager audience. … Continue reading

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Did the first line of a song ever grab you? ….

Some songs grab you with a catchy, singalong chorus, some with a great instrumental break (would Gerry Rafferty’s career be the same without the sax on Baker Street?) You listen, soak them up, eventually hum along with a mix of … Continue reading

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Crikey, I’m on Tour !

On tour in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. So I get to play some nice venues, meet great and friendly people, while driving some of the best roads in the world and enjoying the spectacular scenery along the … Continue reading

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Interview on MusicSound

It came out of the blue. Actually, it came out of the ether. I want to interview you about Row out to your ship of dreams. How could I refuse (he was so polite)? So here it is; When did … Continue reading

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The story behind the song – The Magpie

This sounds like an old song, at least the lyrics do. It was actually written in the 1960’s by English folkie David Dodds. It uses an old nursery counting rhyme; one for sorrow, two for joy …… In England, the … Continue reading

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Soul Food at Tui Farm

The absolute genius of Carol and Steve Rose, who run the Tui Farm folk festival each New Year, is in programming large gaps in the schedule. There is plenty of time for just being; being with friends, being in the … Continue reading

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Instruments as Sacred Space

Originally posted on Luna Guitars' Blog:
I have always considered the connection between a player and his or her instrument to be a sacred thing. What I had never considered was that the instrument itself could be sacred space. In…

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